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Effortlessly blending old with new

The Apollo Arms is your new local Pub and Dining Room in the heart of Clapham Old Town.

We at the Lunar Pub Company strive to create real Public Houses where whatever you are looking for – we can cater to. Whether it’s a coffee and a peruse of the day’s papers, or a light lunch, or a jar in the afternoon over a Scotch Egg or a fantastic 3 course meal – we will have you covered.

As this site, unlike our other two, has a beautiful secret garden – we wanted to give a nod to what makes the great outdoors even greater – the Sun. In Greek Mythology Apollo was revered as the God of Sunshine amongst other roles like poetry, music and the arts. Things close to all our hearts. Furthermore, The Apollo Missions were also the names given by NASA to the string of ventures that had the goal of putting humanity on the Moon.

The Lunar Pub Company is so named to honour the romantic connection between the night’s sky and frivolity. George Orwell wrote a beautiful essay in 1946 about his idea of the perfect British Pub – a hypothetical pub – which he named ‘The Moon Under Water’.

We look forward to welcoming you in to our distinctive LPC venue with a focus on fine wine and food served up by people who love the British Pub.